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About BICROOM warranty

About BICROOM warranty

Warranty period

Each product is listed on the product details page.


If a problem occurs during normal use

Warranty details

During the warranty period, any failure or damage that occurs naturally due to normal usage in accordance with the instruction manual, etc. will be repaired, parts replaced, or the product replaced free of charge.
Please contact customer service first. We will confirm the details of your order and then process your order.

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About the warranty

We do not enclose a warranty. When contacting us, we will need the order information contained in the email sent after placing your order, so please be sure to keep it as a substitute for your warranty card.

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The warranty is limited to products that fail within the warranty period under normal usage conditions in accordance with the precautions in this instruction manual.
The following cases are not covered by the warranty.

  • Scratches on the exterior that are not related to function or performance, peeling or discoloration of paint or surface materials
  • Deterioration over time due to wear, scratches, dirt, discoloration, fading of cushions, etc.
  • Malfunctions due to misuse, repair, disassembly, modification, adjustment, etc.
  • Malfunctions caused by the environment, such as when used outdoors or in humid places (e.g. kitchen, etc.)
  • If it is a consumable item (battery, candle, aroma, towel, etc.) or a plant
  • For miscellaneous goods (cushions, tableware, room wear, trash cans, mirrors, watches, daily necessities, pet supplies, etc.)
  • Products with separate warranty provisions
  • Failure or damage due to movement, dropping, transportation, etc. after receiving the product
  • Failure or damage caused by fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, other natural disasters, pollution or abnormal voltage.
  • Failure or damage caused when used onboard a vehicle or ship
  • Malfunction or damage caused by use for business purposes
  • If there is a clear discrepancy between the details of the defect returned and the details of the exchange request.
  • Products used outside Japan
  • If you purchase a product from a place other than our store, such as an auction or a recycle shop

*Products that do not have a warranty icon on the product page

Warranty procedure

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If the item is in stock, we will discuss the delivery date and exchange it.

*If the item is a pre-order item and is out of stock, it will be replaced once the item is in stock. We will contact you again once the item is in stock.
*If the product is out of production, discontinued, or not yet in stock, we will issue a refund. note that.

As a general rule, we cannot accept exchanges for products that are different from the one you purchased.
In the case of an exchange, the customer will be responsible for packaging and shipping the product they have on hand. In that case, the customer will be responsible for preparing and handling the packaging materials (you may return the package to the cardboard box, etc., in which it was delivered).
If you need any other work, we will contact you, so please wait for us to contact you.

If the issue is not resolved, please contact us here.

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