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Returns/exchanges due to customer convenience

Returns/exchanges due to customer convenience

We do not accept returns or exchanges of products due to the customer's convenience after shipping, regardless of the condition in which the product was received or opened.
Please be sure to check the order screen to ensure that there are no errors in the color, size, or content of the product. Please also check the confirmation items before purchasing.

Cases that are not eligible for returns or exchanges
✖ If there is a difference in the image, a mistake in the order, or individual differences in the way the product is perceived, such as texture/temperature/touch/feel (examples of image differences: the color is different from the screen, the product is larger/smaller than expected, the product smells, etc.) , the strength of the product that causes the movement, etc.)

✖ If the product does not fit in the installation location or does not fit the size

✖ If the product is made of natural wood such as solid wood or veneer, there may be differences in color shading due to knots, the color of the wood skin, the pattern of the wood grain, the color, or the location of the board that differs from the product image.

✖ If the product is damaged or negligent by the customer, such as scratches, dirt, or dents that occur during use (repair, disassembly, modification, fall, damage, or malfunction)

✖ Damage caused by exceeding the load capacity or usage frequency exceeding the expected range, etc.

✖ Returns, exchanges, and other responses due to product defects are only available to customers who purchased directly from our store. Items purchased from sources other than our store, such as resold items through online auctions or flea market sites, are not eligible. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
Return for exchange due to unavoidable reasons
If we determine that it is unavoidable, we will accept returns and refunds. However, in this case, the following cancellation fee will be charged.

Custom-made curtains, rugs, and furniture → 50% of the product price
Products other than the above → 10% of the product price

Please note that if the item has already been shipped, you will be charged a round-trip shipping fee.

If the issue is not resolved, please contact us here.

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