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FAQ regarding returns and exchanges

FAQ regarding returns and exchanges

Q. I would like to return the product because it is not what I expected.

A.We do not accept returns or exchanges of products due to the customer's convenience after shipping, regardless of the condition in which the product was received or opened.

Q.The product I received was defective or missing parts.


  • There was a problem with the product
  • The product arrived with scratches
  • Product parts are missing
  • I received a product different from the one I ordered.
If there is a problem with the delivered product, we will confirm the details and immediately arrange to ship the missing parts/replacement only if the product is in stock. Please contact customer service.
*If you return the item without contacting us, we will not be able to receive it. Please be sure to let us know in advance.
*We will bear the shipping costs for returns and exchanges in the case of product defects or missing parts.
*If the product is discontinued (or not yet in stock), we will accept returns.

Please let us know the following information.

  1. ① Name of the orderer:
  2. ②Order number (order number):
  3. ③Details of defect/defect: (If the product is assembled, please refer to the instruction manual and let us know the part number, etc.)
  4. ④Do you wish to exchange or return:
  • *We may ask you about the condition of the product in detail, such as whether the cardboard box is damaged or not. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • *We do not accept returns due to customer reasons such as "It is different from the image".

Reference: Returns and exchanges due to initial defects

Q. What is the refund process if I return a defective product?

A. After confirming that the returned product has arrived at our company, we will arrange for a refund (or cancellation of payment) to the customer.
*After collection is completed, it may take approximately 2 to 4 weeks to confirm the return of the product and complete the refund (or cancellation of the charge).

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