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Ordering FAQ

Ordering FAQ

Q.Can the delivery address be different from the orderer's address?

A. Is possible.

When placing your order, please register your address in "Other delivery addresses" in the delivery address field.

*If you check "Register delivery address information" at the bottom of the item, you can re-set the registered address for your next order.

Q. An error occurred during the ordering process and I was unable to proceed to the next screen.

A.Please double check that the information you entered is correct.
If there is an error in the information you entered, an error message will be displayed, so please correct it.
If the issue persists, please contact customer service.

Contact information: Inquiries (*24-hour reception)

Q. I did not receive an email after placing my order.

A. If you do not receive the email, there are two possible reasons:

1.If the registered email address is incorrect

If you are a member, please check your email address from ``Confirm/Change Registration Details'' on My Page. My page
If you are not a member, please call or contact us to confirm. Contact us

2. If you are unable to receive the email

If you have set security settings such as spam settings, you may not receive the email.
Please add "" to your designated receiving list.

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